Over 16,800 reference citations;
1,700 added to the second edition

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Photo of Nutritional Medicine textbook by Dr. Alan R. Gaby.

Second Edition

Nutritional Medicine is a comprehensive textbook for healthcare professionals, written by one of the world’s foremost authorities, Alan R. Gaby, M.D.

Nutritional Medicine is widely acclaimed as the leading textbook on dietary modifications, nutritional supplements and other natural substances for the prevention and treatment of more than 400 health conditions.


This textbook is designed to teach healthcare practitioners how to use nutritional therapy as an alternative or adjunct to conventional medicine.


Meticulously documented and clearly written, Dr. Gaby combines an exhaustive review of the medical literature with his extensive clinical experience.


Nutritional Medicine is also a valuable reference guide for anyone interested in viable alternatives to conventional medicine.


Incorporating nutritional therapies into clinical practice can improve outcomes, decrease adverse side effects and lower the cost of healthcare.

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“A formidable display of medical scholarship…
The essence of this fine book is that it is pragmatic, based on clinical experience, and supported by extensive literature.”

– Victor Sierpina, M.D.
Professor, Integrative Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch
Over 1,700 new reference citations added to the second edition.