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Nutritional Medicine is a science-­based textbook, the result of 36 years of research by renowned authority on nutritional medicine, Dr. Alan R. Gaby.

Dr. Gaby has culled more than 40,000 research studies and evidence from his clinical practice to produce the definitive textbook on nutritional medicine.


Nutritional Medicine discusses more than 400 different health conditions and disorders. It also contains 60 chapters on individual therapeutic agents (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural substances) including biochemical effects, clinical indications, signs and symptoms of deficiency, adverse effects, drug interactions, nutrient interactions, and dosage and administration. Chapters on fundamentals of nutritional medicine (including dietary fundamentals, food additives, reactive hypoglycemia, food allergy, “sub­laboratory” hypothyroidism, and candidiasis) are also included.


With more than one million words (about 12 times the size of an average­ size book) and over 16,800 references to the scientific literature, Nutritional Medicine is a foundational cornerstone and should be on the desk of every healthcare practitioner. The second edition of Nutritional Medicine includes all of the information from the first edition, with additions and modifications based on new research. More than 1,700 references have been added to the 1,456 page second edition.


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“This is the single most valuable reference book on natural remedies I’ve ever come across.”

– Julian Whitaker, M.D.
Founder, Director, The Whitaker Wellness Institute and Author
Nutritional Medicine, Second Edition
The Book
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